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Monty Python Live (Mostly) — July 20, 2014 | The Pythons, breaking character and corpsing

There’s so much comedy people quite like, they don’t hate it but they’re not crazy about it, and Python really split down the middle, they either loved it or hated it. I think that Michael is, oddly enough, despite the relaxation he has in front of an audience which is much greater than my own, in a funny way more sensitive to criticism than you might think. If you had to arrange the Pythons in order I think Michael might be the most sensitive of us. —John Cleese (via st4nl3yb4ldwin)

The great thing is, having done the shows, it brught us all together. And we will probably see more of each other and talk more to each other over the next year or couple of years than we have done over the last 10 years. And that’s a good thing. —Michael Palin about their last live shows. (via sannao75)

Michael Palin live on stage in Adelaide, 2015


Iconic actor, author, TV presenter and probably the nicest Python, Michael Palin will visit Australia in 2015 with his spoken word show Michael Palin – Live on Stage.

On his whistle-stop world tour, Palin will promote the third volume of his diaries, Travelling to Work 1988-1998. The one-man show will traverse career highs and lows, beauties and beasts, “adventures and cock-ups,” all brought to life with photographs and footage from his extensive travels.

The show’s second half will see Palin cast his mind back to his first love of comedy, which took the Sheffield lad to TV screens all over the world as 16.66% of Monty Python. The legendary troupe recently reunited for their last hurrah in Monty Python Live (Mostly), a ten-night sell-out run at London’s 02 Arena that was broadcast in cinemas and on television across the globe. Live on Stagemarks Palin’s first live tour as a solo performer.

Lateral Events pre-sale tickets on sale early October 2014, register on their website. General public tickets on sale Monday October 20.

Michael Palin – Live on Stage Tour Dates:

Tuesday February 17 – Auckland
Thursday February 19 – Adelaide
Saturday February 21 – Perth
Wednesday February 25 – Sydney
Tuesday March 3 – Brisbane
Wednesday March 4 – Melbourne 


Nobody could be that nice. Could They? — Photograph by Dan Burn-Forti for The Independent


I was on Instagram just now when I came across this beaut.


I was on Instagram just now when I came across this beaut.

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Mike’s the funniest. John is the most spectacular. There’s something about Mike, it’s done with such ingenuousness, such innocence. There’s no edge to it, it’s just unbelievably funny. In the real world he’s not like that at all. Once he goes into character, it’s just extraordinary to watch him in action. —Terry Gilliam (via sannao75)